Spectator Injury Prevention

With summer vacations coming up on the horizon, families will be inundated with sport injury information. Prevention is a number one priority as young athletes and weekend warriors head out to the courts, tracks, pools and fields of choice. There is a wealth of information on how to warm up, stretch or prepare for sport activities, but what about spectators? Keep in mind that injuries can occur from carrying sports equipment, sitting too long in poor postures on bleacher seats or texting too long with the neck in a poor posture. Be sure to watch how you carry your clubs or bats close to your center of gravity. Bend your knees when lifting kayaks and sit with a back support or sit up tall when sitting on bleachers. Keep your spine in a neutral position when texting. Making good posture a habit is important! And spectators, don’t forget to stay hydrated and put on sunscreen.

Spectators, you are part of the sports scene too. Take care of yourselves.