We would like to say a big “Thank You” to all of our patients, those new to our clinic and those we’ve seen throughout out the years. We appreciate the trust you put in Performance Physical Therapy that allows us to help you get back to the activities in life that you enjoy. We are very grateful for the referrals that our patients bring us. We, as a staff, make it a priority to provide you with an experience that is valuable, providing education as well as results. We will continue to strive for excellence as we continue in business. We know you have a choice in where you go for your physical therapy needs and we are grateful that your choice is Performance Physical Therapy.

When I first came in, my face and neck were swollen and I could hardly turn my head. Nearly all the swelling is gone now and I can turn my head easily. I also have less pain in my leg and can go upstairs normally instead of one step at a time. I am so pleased with the results!   ~~ JS

My results: much greater range of motion, swelling totally gone, no weird sensations. My skin feels normal. I feel strong and confident about my ankle.  ~~ DD

Seven years ago, I was a competitive athlete, and then I hurt my low back. Determined to get better and stay active, I have seen various physical therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. Each helped me in some way but the treatments never “stuck.” I would start to get back into the activities that I loved, but then my back would go out again. I couldn’t bend over the sink to brush my teeth, let alone get on my road bike or go for a run. Simple every day activities were a challenge. Earlier this year I was in the worst pain I’d felt and was considering surgery, when my orthopedist referred me to Paula. After six months of working with Paula, I got back on my road bike. For the first time in seven years I went for an hour-long road ride pain-free! It felt incredible. And now I can do simple everyday tasks without pain, like bending over to pick something up (or brush my teeth!). Most notably, the things that normally trigger a relapse for me, like too much stress, no longer affect my back. Paula’s treatments work and they “stick.” Working with Paula has truly given me my life back – I only wish I’d found her sooner!   ~~ KM

I came in with a really stiff neck and pain that went down my shoulder and arm. After the first visit, I could turn my head a lot further and the pain was greatly reduced. Each visit it improves.    ~~ CH

When I came in my arms were hurting and I was unable to lift my right arm above my head without a lot of pain. I also had pain extending into my neck and shoulder. After therapy, I can lift my arm comfortably and my neck and shoulders also.   ~~ N.

When I came, I had a lot of pain and had stopped running as a result. Now I can run again and really feel improvement all over.   ~~ SS