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Sport and Exercise: Using your Brain

If you enjoyed some of the recommended inspirational reading about sports in our recent blog, you might also enjoy these: Tennis: The Tennis Player by Abraham Verghese Golf: Golf in the kingdom by Michael Murphy Running: The Jim Ryun Story by Cordner Nelson Cycling: The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wines, Wisdom and Wanderings by Haynes Russell […]

Sport and Exercise: Using Your Brain

Want to get inspired and learn about how athletes push themselves for physical achievement? Use your brain to read and enjoy the following books: Swimming: Other Shores by Diana Nyad Basketball: Hoop Whisperers by Idan Ravin Rowing: Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown Mountain Climbing: Left for Dead by Beck Weathers Hiking: A Walk […]

What the new research says about physical therapy:

• Exercise programs developed by physical trainers can reduce athletes’ risk of injury by 41 percent. • Physical therapy paired with medical management for osteoarthritis of the knee is just as effective as surgery. • Physical therapy helps over 90 percent of lower back pain sufferers. • Of physical therapy users, 88 percent say the […]

May is osteoporosis awareness and prevention month!

Osteoporosis, the loss of bone density or inability of your body to rebuild bones as quickly as needed, in severe cases, can lead to broken bones from daily activities. Though osteoporosis is a very common condition affecting about 54 million Americans in most cases it is very preventable. Know your risk: Uncontrollable Risk Factors • […]